Keith Williams Youth Pastor

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What is Sutherland Youth?

General Overview

Sutherland Church Youth is for those in grades 7-12 and consists of several different programs, which include Friday night events and Sunday School classes. All of these programs are designed to encourage the youth at Sutherland Church to grow in Christian faith and life.

Friday Nights

Friday night events are designed to be a place for youth to have fun in a safe environment, where they can be themselves. We want these events to be a place that youth can come and not feel they have to put on a mask or pretend to be something they are not in order to fit in. As leaders we strive to make everyone that attends feel welcomed and loved. We also, to the best of our abilities, work to set a Christ-like example for the youth at events and in the way we live our everyday lives. Another key element of these events is to develop relationships. As leaders we want to be able to celebrate with the youth when they experience successes and achievements and also to be there to help when they are going through struggles and difficult times. In order for this to happen we must first have relationship with them and spending time with them at Friday night events is one of the ways we can develop these relationships. Finally Friday nights are a time when youth can invite their friends to events that are going to be fun and they do not have to feel like they are going to be “preached” at.

Sunday School

Sunday school classes are designed to help the youth deepen their knowledge of the Bible and grow in their spiritual lives. The lessons for Sunday school follow the current sermon series.