Pastor Todd Wiebe

Todd Wiebe - Senior Pastor

Todd  has been the Senior Pastor at Sutherland since April 2004. The prior two years, he was an Associate Pastor at St. Andrews & St Stephens Presbyterian Church in North Vancouver.  In his early days in his chosen field, Todd was the Youth Pastor at Sutherland Church. That was for 10 years.

While originally from Ontario, Todd has spent most of his life in North Vancouver.

He attended Argyle Secondary School and then on to Simon Fraser University where he completed a Bachelors Degree.   He finished his Masters Degree at Regent College on the UBC Campus.

The Wiebe family all participate in various activities at Sutherland. Todd’s wife of 21 years, is very heavily involved in the preschool  and their  two teenage boys are busy with community and church events.

Todd has been on many missions trips to places such as Mexico and New Orleans. Shorter term projects such as feeding the residents of the Downtown Eastside of Vancouver has also been on his radar.

Outside of the church community, Todd has spent many an hour coaching various youth sport teams around the North Vancouver area.

Todd is a voracious reader and has many high lights from his exploring of what is written. One of his favourite stories from scripture is John 21 and Jesus’ words in that story “Come and have breakfast”. In the world of the written word, the authors, he appreciates the most are Karl Barth, Marilynne Robinson, Rohinton Mistry and Andrew Solomon.

Todd has always been a welcoming soul no matter where he works and his sermons and stories always bring a fresh perspective to the word of the Lord.

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Pastor Keith Williams

Keith Williams-Youth Pastor

Keith has formally been in the capacity of Youth Pastor since April 2013. Prior to that Keith spent many an hour over many years volunteering in all aspects of Sutherland Church with a particular interest and ability in the Youth Ministry. He started volunteering and became a youth leader in 2003.

While originally from North Vancouver, Keith moved to the Fraser Valley to explore further education and career opportunities. He attended Carson Graham High School in North Vancouver and then went on to Columbia Bible College in Abbotsford. He achieved a BA in Biblical Studies. Following this Keith taught Sunday school at Abbotsford Community Church as well as leading home groups.

The Williams family, having moved from Abbotsford, are settling in very nicely into North Vancouver. Keith’s wife is involved in the Worship team bringing her musical talents to Sutherland. Give it a few years and their very young daughter will probably follow in her mother’s footsteps.

Keith has been on various missions trips. Shorter term projects such as feeding the residents of the Downtown Eastside of Vancouver has also been on his list of things to do.

Outside of the church community, Keith has spent many an hour participating in many sports. Hockey and lacrosse spring to mind. His refereeing skills have been an asset as well.

Keith, when not involved in sports, has read extensively. A favourite bible passage is Luke 23:39-43 with a very close second of Psalm 98. Outside of the Bible, C.S. Lewis is his favourite author.

Keith, in all his dealings with various youths in various locations, has proven to be a great mentor and a trusted friend. He brings that enthusiasm and care to his ministry.

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